Are you using LinkedIn as a marketing platform? Do you know what is LinkedIn Marketing Software?

Do you want more from your LinkedIn account?

Wondering how can you get that? If yes. Then you need to continue with the content of this blog post. You will for sure know the same.

Let me first be very frank friends. If you are not using LinkedIn as a marketing platform then you are missing a great opportunity to succeed. Yes, in today’s world having a LinkedIn account is quite important. As it is providing you the best choice to find professionals who can understand you as well as your efficiencies.

So what should you do as a starter?

1. Create an impressive LinkedIn account


Create an impressive LinkedIn account


The very first thing you should do is to create your LinkedIn account and make your efficient profile. But you have to be quite conscious while creating the same. The blunder which usually people do is they mention all everything about themselves. The cruel truth is that no one cares who you are. They are interested only in what you can do for them. One of the interesting things you should know is that people just your profile on the basis of “what’s in it for me” that is, WIIFM filter.

So you should consider above fact and try to create a profile which can fulfill WIIFM. Once you succeed in creating the similar profile no one can stop you to make an everlasting impression in front of the professionals. No matter whether they are your partners, clients or employers. You need to talk to your focused market directly. Let them know that you are the one whom they were searching for and can help them.

2. Avoid adding words, symbols, company name, acronyms


The very first thing you should know about LinkedIn is that it you don’t allow people to mention anything else other than your name in the name column and if you are mentioning anything else other than your name then you are violating the TOS that is Terms Of Service. And doing this can restrict your account. So be careful regarding the same.
This also makes your profile look unprofessional, decrease your credibility and hard to find. Even you are not allowed to mention your Email ID in the name section. Doing this can consider you as a spammer. But there is some exception regarding the suffixes and certifications.

3. Opt for a professional headshot


Opt for a professional headshot

If you haven’t inserted your LinkedIn profile photo then you are creating again a big mistake. You ought to have a profile photo which looks simple and professional. Avoid inserting any company’s logo or any vacation picture. You just need a simple, nice and clean headshot.
Your professional headshot will be the first step to create trust in the mind of viewers. Also, including a professional headshot receives 14 times more views. The competition is too high and it is not easy to make your presence easily so don’t miss this opportunity to make your everlasting impression. Choose a picture with a neat background and an impressive smile.

4. Avoid boring summary and headline

Avoid boring summary and headline


LinkedIn has a huge competition. And are having only a few seconds to impress anyone and let the view know about yourself. Their first consideration will be your headline and then two lines of from your summary. If they are not impressed they go back and the, as a result, you will lose your opportunity. You are having 120 characters option to mention your headline and let them know about yourself and what you can do for them. Try to create a curiosity in the viewers to click and know more about you. This is one of the best LinkedIn marketing strategies.

5. LION 


LION stands for LinkedIn Open Networker. This basically mean that any user will accept the connection network from each one who sends them the request of connection. And remember you are present on that platform to make the quality connection and not the quantity connection. Judge that person who can assure you to get reconnect back.
So when you are done with these then it will be the time for using LinkedIn marketing software. This is a LinkedIn automation tool which can help you to use LinkedIn easily. Like you can join groups, invite members, remove members and much more automatically.  Wondering how? LinkedDominator is one of the automation tools which can help you on this.




The all in one solution for you that is none other than LinkedDominator.

Over to you


These were some of the points which can help you to use LinkedIn marketing software for business boost up.

Hope I was clear one my words to explain you the same. Share your views on this post and don’t forget to subscribe and follow our blog post on LinkedDominator.


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