Being popular on the internet is best said as going viral. And if you manage to go viral on the Internet you can do a lot to build up career. And if you consider LinkedIn then it can work best for your career. The thing which is clear here is that LinkedIn is a platform where we hardly discuss something personal or about memes. Then how people go viral on LinkedIn which is the favorite social networking site for Professional?

The truth is quite simple that is, there is nothing which can buy your content and admit that it is the best one. But there are chances to increase the popularity of your content. And it is all about two considerations: the tactics which you use to make promotion and the quality of your content.

To go viral on LinkedIn, if you are considering your content as the weapon to success then it has to be readable, shareable and interesting. So how can you make an appropriate content for LinkedIn?

Let’s see how.


Read more and share the best

Read more and share the best-min

To follow this you can create a list of your favorite industry publication or blogs. Take your time to read them consciously. Make it as a part of your job and try to keep it relevant. Search for the best on LinkedIn and share them. Introduce your own thoughts to make it more compelling and relevant. It is not particular to do this every day.

Be an Expert

Be an Expert

You have to be simple in knowing your own stuff. Go through the blogs and publications. Be the part of a relevant association both online and offline. Well, it doesn’t guarantee you to go viral but it focuses on the fact that the interesting things go viral easily.

Prefer publishing during the working hours

Prefer publishing during the working hours

In comparison to other social networking sites, it is advised to use LinkedIn during the working hours. As it the best time to post. Posting your content after the working hours may result in burying of your content before you can be seen the next morning. To make your post exposure on the best time prefer scheduling them.

Be an active user

Be an active user

Provide comments, share your best posts time to time, like every effective post, make your posts visible. When you are active you are being more visible and more people will like to share the posts you publish. Being among the regular users you will learn many things and get connected with the professional’s mind.

Share with appropriate groups

Share with appropriate groups

The best thing to know about LinkedIn is that you can join every relevant group. Communities are the apt place where you can find similar professionals and can have a healthy discussion. When you share your content in your group, it increases odds of the community members who may share your content with their professional chain.

The only thing which you need to focus here is to share a content which has values and are relevant. The moment you manage to do the same your chances of being viral increases tremendously. No matter whether your content gets a three digit share or not. You will create an ever increasing audience engagement for your content.

Over to you

At the end, I would like to say that spending 15 minutes on LinkedIn will give you a great result for achieving fame which you desire.

Share your views on this blog post and feel free to ask about any queries if any.


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