If you are interested in growing your business then you can consider LinkedIn as the seed of germination. Yes, it is providing a great and huge platform to make connections. You are able to build up a strong business platform by using it and we all know that LinkedIn is known for growing business, right?

If you wish to call your business as a one-man business then you need to invest. Though it seems to be easy it is not. As you have to be quite conscious regarding your investment like where to invest, how much to invest, etc.  

If we talk about the member count of LinkedIn then it has more than 467 million members. And around 94 percent recruiters use LinkedIn to find out the job seekers. It has a great demand for the B2B marketers.

Now let’s just go through the steps which can help you to build up a freelance profile.

1. LinkedIn to be discovered

 LinkedIn to be discovered

1. Put on a professional picture

If you are providing a professional profile picture in your LinkedIn profile then you are increasing the probability of your profile to be viewed over 21 times and 9 times more you will get the connection requests. If you are the lucky one then one of your connection requests might be from one of the ideal clients. So why you should lose a chance to get a headshot through your profile? Also, you are allowed to use your mobiles to make your profile look better.

2. Use keywords

LinkedIn’s search tool is very powerful. And this is efficiently used by the recruiters to search qualified candidates. It is found a many time that the reason to be visible or invisible is due to the avoidance of right keywords on your LinkedIn profile.

  • You have to find out the keywords which the targeted client use to find out professionals like you.
  • And then try to use the same throughout your profile. And don’t forget to mention the same in your headline, experience and summary section.

3. Mention your headline efficiently

Well, it is quite difficult to describe yourself in 120 words, isn’t it? But in this professional world, you have to brief in less count. As no one is available there to read your lengthy description. So you should prefer adding keywords that will make you easily visible.

For example, refer this.

Mention your headline efficiently

2. Want to be remembered? Use LinkedIn

Want to be remembered- Use LinkedIn-min

The very first thing which people usually lose is patient. If you are really serious about marketing you have to be patient. If you find that you are not being hired by prospective clients then you should try to be remembered. So what can you do for this? Wondering? Check out the below-mentioned points:

1. Provide useful content

For this, you can go through various articles provided in LinkedIn plus or can go for other publication. And then share those which can be proved to be beneficial for you to make your own connection.

2. Show up

You just need to spend 10 to 15 min daily to update your status on LinkedIn. Try to go through what your connections are writing and sharing about. Also, read articles provided by the influencers you follow.

3. Engage

You need to comment or like articles. And be sure that you avoid the generic comments like “Good points” or “Nice article”. You have to be concise, specific and insightful. Maintain consistency for visiting your LinkedIn profile.

3. Use LinkedIn to learn, join and create

 Use LinkedIn to learn, join and create

Well, to boost up the credibility and transform your profile views in clients you should use LinkedIn. This should include what you are knowing. And to know how to perform this you should learn, create content and join various group conversation.

Over to you

Finally, I would like to say that these were some of the points with the help of which one can build their own brand on LinkedIn.

Hope I was clear on my words to let you know the same. Share your views on this blog post and don’t forget to follow our blog on LinkedDominator.


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