Are you wondering how to accelerate your employees? It’s not a difficult task trust me.

As we all know that employees are the necessary asset of any company. And being a business person if you take care of them, they will take care of your clients. Reading this blog will help give you the best way to accelerate your employees.

So, let’s get started!!

Invite your employee’s parent into the office

Invite your employee’s parent into the office

In this era, the workforce isn’t searching for work-life balance. Instead, they are searching for the work-life blend. This generation is rapidly converting into a major part of the global workforce. They all have different expectations when it comes to the work world.

At LinkedIn, the first priority is always given to the Talent. And this needs to be secured, developed fostered which is the part of the company and also it makes people feel proud of being the part of it. This is the reason why you should pioneer to Bring in parent’s day. This will help, not only to improve parent’s and their working child’s relationship but also the relationship between an employer and their employees.

Pat Wadors had previously written about the support her parents have given her throughout her career and said that bringing parents to workplace had helped her to become a better professional.

Then why not every business person try the same and experience the better result.

Consider LinkedIn’s vision through Innovations

Ryan Roslansky had shared how they are accelerating their vision to generate economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. He said that their team was successful in helping over 450+ million members to get the value from LinkedIn.

Then why can’t you experience the same? Join hands with innovation and move forward.



Redesign Desktop

You can bring the goodness of mobile to the desktop. Look for the desktop that offers a simple, clear and more spontaneous way for your employees to quickly access the information, job and insights which they require. This will help professionals to be better for their daily meetings and can learn new skills which they’d like to earn. This is the largest redesign since the inception of LinkedIn and this can lead the pillar for the future.

Smart messaging experience

Making relationship and networks had played a vital role in the professional world. The next thing which connects the business and gets business done is the Conversation. No matter what is the goal you prefer it might be to find new job convenience or get round of funds or source of ideas, anything but the thing which will make it happen is the conversation. The new mobile app which was introduced last year had shown 240% increase in the figure of messages sent.

Try to build up your messaging platform. At least, with the ability to message a connection, no matter wherever you are on LinkedIn.

Evolve the content ecosystem

For this, consider the LinkedIn Feed, this will help you to inspire and inform professionals daily with the trending news and relevant industry. This will help the professionals to get the correct information on what is trending in your company.

This can provide ways for the professionals to come up with searches, discoveries and dive deeper in the trending contents

Future of Learning

Learning is the area about which one should always be passionate. And I believe that LinkedIn provides this unique feature for the professionals acquire the skills which can advance their careers.

So I suggest to move on with this and explore for bright future ahead.

Wrapping Words

For my last words, I would just suggest the business persons to build a strong connection with your employees and experience the pleasure of success which they will lead to you.

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