The most powerful social networking site which has helped many people to grow their businesses is LinkedIn. Facebook, Twitter, other social networking sites are also familiar with kids but LinkedIn is the one mostly used by professionals. It is not the only social media tool which is used with professionals and useful in business purpose but it’s certainly one of the widely accepted.




Nowadays, it has become the world’s largest business networking and market association having 450 million members. And that’s the reason as a B2B marketing tool, the fortitude of the business lies in the connection you make and how you leverage the relationship between customers and co-workers to grow your business.

How LinkedIn Connection Works Effectively?

Getting LinkedIn connection is very simple just to add your connection only by their profile URL or by keywords, needs to manage with a LinkedIn marketing tool. By adding a connection, you would start off by looking up your client’s profile and many others. The connection makes you updated with each and every activity of your friend and helps you to collect idea for the development of your business. CEO’s, sales director and your colleagues would be in your network and LinkedIn shows the connections of your connection as well to increase your reach.




As your own network expands, the closer you will be getting to build a relationship with many others. You can start cultivating this relationship with greater reach. Now you must be thinking about managing the LinkedIn connections.

The blog is here to introduce you to a marketing tool by simply adding connections by their profile URL. A growing automation tool “LinkedDominator” has multiple features which can help to run your business smoothly. This tool can greatly manage your LinkedIn connections.

Here is the step by step wise process to start functioning the software.

Add Connection

Step 1: Click on the button Connection from the topmost section.

Step 2: Choose Add Connection from the left side of your screen.

Step 3: Fill the interval time in which the connection invitation would be sent.

Step 4: Submit the process with the start button.

Step 5: Check all the connection report under module report section.


The connection is one of the main sources to grow your business. When people have to select single person every time to sent the invitation request they generally found little irritating . With a LinkedIn marketing tool, you can easily manage all connection related stuff and other too by just one tap on the software .

LinkedDominator can connect you easily with your colleagues by adding them with their LinkedIn URL. There are many other features of this software. DSownload the software and view those features.

For more information about the LinkedIn automation tool, you can see the video attached here.

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