Not too long ago, LinkedIn morphed from a teeny business and professional social networking site to a gigantic world force. In B2B and B2C market, LinkedIn has developed a solid foothold by becoming the core portal that is meant especially for businesses and professionals to set up a good presence online. Although it doesn’t have that user numbers as Facebook boasts, its key pull is its power to generate quality leads for businesses. Earlier this year, a study found that LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, almost 3 times higher (277%) than both Facebook (.77%) and Twitter (.69%).


The reason behind this is the lead generation nature of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a platform which is aimed at professionals and business will, in turn, find out the kind of information that you will get on the site. As those who browse this social networking site are occupied by business related subjects, information which relates to this will surely perform better. The LinkedIn’s information is usually related to the business and marketing, so there’s a better chance of getting more number of leads.

Ever since the LinkedIn beginning, B2B marketers have been trying to crack the lead generation code for market success. With all these millions of professionals and businesses in a single place, surely there’s some way to open up the floodgates to leads, isn’t there? And, yes, there is a way to open up the floodgates to success.


If you don’t want to be left behind the 8 ball – you have to start taking action as early as possible. If you are really focusing on for some hidden gems on how you can scrape LinkedIn profiles data, LinkedDominator is the answer!

Since we all aware of the bitter fact that conventional LinkedIn advice isn’t detailed enough: 1) Join. 2) Be active. 3) Get leads. What?! So, what does one actually do?

Sure, you might accidentally get a few falling business leads, but in order to win the real market marathon, you need to do your own panning, LinkedIn style. How do you cut down the gaggle of job seekers, fake LinkedIn profiles, and find the qualified leads to doing business with?

In this article, I’m going to show you How to scrape LinkedIn profiles data and generate 1000 leads in 10 minutes with LinkedDominator and leverage LinkedIn to be a powerful B2B and B2C marketing tool.


If you are thinking that using LinkedDominator is a troublesome job then I must like to advise you to kick that thought out of your mind. Operating LinkedDominator is no less than a piece of cake. Just follow the instructions and easily scrape the desired number of LinkedIn profiles.

There are two ways in which you can scrap LinkedIn Profiles:

(I)- Manually

(II)- Using the URL

(I)- Manually-

Here you need to provide the inputs such as Keyword, location, Industry, etc. manually. Depending on your inputs you shall be getting the list of scraped LinkedIn profiles.


The first thing, you need to do is to click on the scraper module of the LinkedDominator. I believe that you are already logged into LinkedDominator. After clicking on the scraper option, you will be getting a section as shown in the image below.



Now under the scraper section, you can see various inputs that you need to provide, according to which you will be scraping the LinkedIn profiles.

LinkedIn Scraper Inputs-

Here you need to provide certain information such as email id, first and last name, location, country, postal code and your company.

The email id, that you will be providing, will be of the account that you select to scrap LinkedIn Profiles. Once you are done with selecting the account, you are all set to scrap desired data from LinkedIn.  


Step- 3-

This is the most important steps while scraping profiles. You need to provide certain inputs that will help you obtain desired results.


In this section of the scraper, You need to provide certain keywords that you are particularly interested at. You can type certain names and titles that you find are common or even you can do a needy search on the keywords and then provide the keyword. When you click on start option in the bottom of the screen, you start your campaign and will get a notification when the fetched data is successfully saved in the files.

LinkedDominator scraper


Here you will be getting profiles scraped from a particular Industry, language and relationship. You get an easy chance to target a particular domain. You have various options of industries and languages. Once you save your input and start the campaign, you will be getting your desired data saved in files that too in no time.

LinkedDominator Scraper

Premium Options-

This section is hugely helpful for the users to get the desired LinkedIn Profiles. Here you get various input options such as Function, Fortune, Company Size, Recently joined Years of Experience, Interested in, and seniority level. Once you save your inputs and start the campaign, you will be receiving your fetched data saved in an excel sheet.

This was all about manually extracting LinkedIn Profiles.

(II)- Using the URL-

This is a single step procedure. Here you need to go to the Advanced Search Option provided by LinkedIn. You will be getting a page as shown in the image below:

Advanced LinkedIn Search Option

After Filling up the details and inputs, search the profiles. When you get the results, simply copy the URL in the Search By URL Section of the LinkedDominator. The moment you start the campaign you scrap the searched profile in minutes.

How the Data Saved-

In case you are having doubts how the data will be saved after the scraping procedure, just look at the image below. You will be getting your data saved in an excel sheet as shown in the following image. Here you can see, the data scraped is stored in well arranged manner with each category specified and making it easy for the user to search and check the fetched results quickly.


Both the options are quite easy and handy. It completely depends on the user which procedure they opt for. One thing that is common in both the procedure is to set delay time. Usually, the default setting is fine but if you choose to change it then you can do so.

For Detailed Information On How To Scrape LinkedIn Profiles, Have A Look To This Video:

LinkedDominator is, undoubtedly, one of the best LinkedIn automation software that contains many salient features. Among all the best features, LinkedIn Scraper is one which is very essential for Lead generation through LinkedIn.


The process of Scraping is quite simple. Here in the video, we are describing the process clearly for you. By going through the video, you can easily get to know how to make it. The video describes the process of how one can get the data from LinkedIn. There are several options for you to select like Keyword and title, premium options, Industry/relationship/language and search by URL. You can choose these options depending on your requirement. In the next step, the video shows that you can set the time delay of your choice. This helps you in avoiding the IP blocking.


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