LinkedIn is one of the fast growing social networking sites which help in connecting all the professionals from all over the world. Many users are associated with it to help themselves advance in their career. But it is really a very good platform for expanding one’s business.

Digital creatives, freelancers, recently established companies can use this site to introduce their product to a whole new set of audience that is not possible on any other social site.

Here are some of the smart ways to get traction in business by using LinkedIn:

(I)- Company page:

A user creates a page of their company to create a professional page for their business so that can give proper and abstract ideas on their products to the audiences. Even if one is running a small venture, creating a company page and connecting it with their own profile will be a good move. It will help in updating and adding data that comes much better from a trade name then from an individual.

(II)- Highlighting business in one’s own profile:

Personal profiles are still a very good weapon on this site. It gives an opportunity to present the user as the individual behind a brand. This helps significantly in building a professional reputation in the site. The user must make sure their details of the activities are linked to many important pages.

(III)- Frequent update:

A user can post updates and news on their professional community on the recent research and developments of their company. It is very important for the user to use this option smartly, frequently, and strategically. The user must update the relevant updates ad researchers that will prove that their business is an active and demanded operation in the market.

(IV)- Use of outstanding visuals– The type of visual content of the page should be outstanding and different. From the company’s logo to their own profile pictures, everything should be attractive and comforting. This site does allow little freedom of images and pictures, so it should be used in a very smarter way. One should know the art to edit to make their page stand in the site.

(V)- Group– The site provides a very good option of creating a group in the site which would revolve around a specific topic. The user must be able to connect their business with a common topic that could be related to people, then the user can create a group, have discussion and make it sure that the members are aware of their business.

(VI)- Participation in another group– the user should not only create their o group and be active there. They should also explore in the groups that are trending and that are linked with their products. The intention is not spamming the group by promoting their own product in the group, but by becoming a good and active member and marking impression among the audiences.

(VII)- Content– The content should be written very smartly. The content or the blogs of the should be able to optimize the profile and the product in the site. Articles must be posted in the news section and latest researches should be added in the page related to the product and help products in their promotion.

Many small, as well as big ventures, are using the site to promote their product, find ways that could help them in their business and open their product to a completely new set of audience. The number of active users is day by day increasing in this social site. This is a real boon for all the business personnel to set up their business and help it promote.

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