In our previous post we have tried to understand how a company can do promotion of their business on LinkedIn. We have seen the business pages and the ability to promote specific products and services through the showcase pages. We have seen that you can connect on employee profiles, and we realized that LinkedIn bestows great importance to the professional also at the corporate level.

Everything is fine and it is important to know all aspects of these instruments, but is it enough? Do you know why LinkedIn was created? To bring together all professionals from all over the world on one platform and help grow their business. There is no mention of companies, but individual professionals.

The keyword in all this is Contact, understood as a relationship, exchange of business ideas for growth and professional development, ability to identify the best prospects for your B2B business.

LinkedIn offers businesses the opportunity to tell their stories through a page, and on this there is raining, but what if there is no work for exchange and interaction in person by employees and business partners, updating the page will only be a jar full of good content that are useless.

So what is the best corporate strategy that a business owner can implement for his/her business when it comes to LinkedIn?

  1. Understanding with the marketing manager what are the objectives of business communication, and understand in detail what the target audience to which the company is targeting.

  1. Based on the objectives it must be defined communication strategy both offline and online. Well, it is important to understand what may be the ideal platform to reach potential customers (because not every company are fine).

  1. If the communication plan is also part of LinkedIn, then it is advisable to check and analyze the market, to see if there is actually land on which to work.

  2. Using the Advanced Search, you can identify the exact number of potential clients present and active within the portal. To start the search just click on “Advanced” at the top right, next to the search bar.

  1. Once it was possible to understand what potential market to work with, it is for the Sales Manager study, contact and engage potential prospects.

  1. At this point it is important to set and create a business page with all the information about the mission, goals and history of the company, making sure to calibrate the best keywords of reference.

  1. Finally, it is appropriate to initiate a training program for all corporate employees, trying to involve and activate each person’s profile optimization and sharing of posts published on the page. Only if there is involvement and positive word of mouth both online and offline, then you can quickly get positive feedback.

By following these 7 points, no doubt you will see progressive improvements in business visibility on the platform but also at the level of actual conversions.

LinkedIn has a power conversion three times higher than that of other social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, because users on this platform have a degree of attention to post published but also to advertisements far superior.

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