Did you know that updating your LinkedIn status at least 1x per week will provide you with 10x more opportunities?

LinkedIn may not always be the “sexiest” of all the Social Media platform, but it certainly can be one of the most powerful – but you’ve got to use it! LinkedIn is one of the best social media networks for the business to business brands looking to expand their reach online.

You can improve your chances even further by enhancing your posts. According to LinkedIn, there are more than three million businesses with LinkedIn Company Pages and 87% of users trust the platform as a source for information that affects their decision making.

Do it group-wise

Here are some of the best tips for improving your LinkedIn Campaigns.

1. Include a shortened Link in Your Update Copy

Those links that that are directly uploaded to LinkedIn are stripped of any URL tracking token you have attached. Therefore, you have wasted your time if you have added a UTM code to track campaign results. However, if you use URL services like bit.ly or ow.ly you can hide the UTM parameters within your URL within a shortened link. These won’t be stripped by LinkedIn and therefore you can track all the traffic from LinkedIn.

2. Focus Your Efforts on One Post

Don’t update your LinkedIn profile multiple times a day with new content. Instead post one item per day (preferably on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays) and promote that one item each day. By promoting just one post, you are increasing the interest and a number of engagements that content will generate. If you can generate enough interest it will come to the attention of LinkedIn who will then share the popular post with other people on the platform, boosting the visibility of your content and brand while also increasing your web traffic.

3. Use Your Marketing Offers More

While Twitter and Facebook rely on more conversational updates, research has shown that LinkedIn users are more appreciative of marketing materials. To ensure the marketing materials are well-received add value to the content so that there are lessons your readers can instantly implement in their lives.

4. Use Groups

Connect to people and get more leads

There is considerable evidence to suggest that LinkedIn groups should be a primary focus for your LinkedIn campaigns. More than half of all users will join 10 or more groups and groups are often cited as the most favored feature of the network. If you are genuine in the groups and aren’t just spamming them with your content, you can attract potential clients to your brand’s profile, add connections and generate leads. You can make use of marketing tool like LinkedDominator to message in LinkedIn groups and thus grow your network in a lesser span of time.

5. LinkedIn Announcements

LinkedIn announcements are a powerful tool for drawing attention to your brand and generating leads. Research from several leading companies has seen that when an announcement has been made from a LinkedIn group, an increase in the number of leads is seen on the day. The spike also slowly decreases meaning there are a higher than an average number of leads created over the days that follow a LinkedIn announcement. To use this, you could create your own group or alternatively use another group to press your announcements for you. To do this, you must add to the conversation and engage the audience in meaningful conversation, i.e. not just about yourself. Then, when they trust you, the group leaders are more than likely to share your announcements.

The LinkedIn announcement

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