One of the biggest problems which people nowadays face, as the barrier to their success, is their improper profile. this problem occurs sometimes when people are not able to find time for their profile. But trust me, guys, this small thing will ensure your success as well as future goals.

With mobile application now you are able to edit your profile from wherever you wish to. For more info click. By doing this you are able to have a control on your bright future.

Are you wishing the same success for yourself?

Then let’s get started!!

By uploading your photo

Your profile photo always plays the vital role of your character. You have to be conscious while mention the same as this can be considered as the virtual handshake. It was found that the one who insert profile photo receive 21x more views.

You are being professional to the world through your profile photo, keep this term in your consideration for your further success approach.

By listing your current position

By mentioning this I meant that are to be up to date with your current position and also with title, name of the company and the time period. It was found that the one with the up to date current position, are discovered up to 18x more in searches, by the members and the recruiters. If you are currently in transition, then can mention about what you want to pursue than preferring to mention unemployed.

This can give the positive angle to your profile. Also, you are advised to mention the year in the year column.

By mentioning the list of skills

Skills, one of the preferred option to make a search on candidates. So by maintaining the list of your skills will for sure help others to understand about your strengths and accordingly you will be preferred for the right opportunity. You are also advised to mention at least 5 skills. It was found that the one with at least 5 skills are contacted up to 33x more by the recruiters also receive up to 17x more profile views.

I would like to suggest a thing, for mentioning your skills you need to be in order. The order by which you want yourself to be recognized and the rest work is done by LinkedIn.

By mentioning the location

Mentioning the location, you are indirectly provoking the recruiters to come towards you. As more than 30% of the recruiters are searching for the candidates who belong nearby their location preferring their advanced search. Sometimes, people only recruit the person by preferring their location. So mentioning your location will be beneficial for you.

So the more details you mention the more you are opening the option for yourself to be found.

By summarizing your experience and goals

By mentioning about your experience you are magnetizing the recruiters to get attracted you. As you are informing them that you have some ideas on the work which they are searching on. Also, you show that who you are, what are the things, you are interested in. Every recruiter is in the search of summarized profile. Thus, this part of mentioning details about yourself should be short and brief. These few lines must be effective enough to make you forward in the search.

It was found that nearly 40% of the recruiters are in the search of summarized profile details.


This blog was to draw your attention towards the small things which people usually neglect to consider but are preferred the most. So, hope this blog has given you some outline to overcome the difficulties which you might have faced due to your improper profile also you can go through the features of LinkedInDominator that can help you in making for work easy. Please comment for any kind of queries.

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