LinkedIn is one of the most pioneer social media tools in today’s era of social networking. Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+ are undoubtedly the media darlings whereas LinkedIn has been in existence since the time when any of the tools combined and is continuously growing, offering value without all the celebrity. Shine and sparkle, however, the fact is when it comes to business development, it’s the most valuable tool at present.

For sure, LinkedIn is the most eminent online tool available for professional networking, marketing and of course, lead generation. Studies have shown that around 94 % of small-medium companies are using LinkedIn for marketing to acquire new customers and leads; getting new potential customers are their top challenge in their business.

The potential on LinkedIn creates their impression on others with their LinkedIn profile. That’s why the LinkedIn profile must be extremely impressive to the prospects and show the businesses as something which can greatly help to solve out the problems of the prospects.

LinkedIn for Sales Strategy?

Though there are ample of people using LinkedIn just for improving their professional network across the world, only some of those people know the real power of LinkedIn and make use of this network to its utmost potential. LinkedIn is an astonishing tool to market and promotes the product in B2B or business-to-business space.

Here are the top five most useful tips for leveraging LinkedIn for significant business growth:

1. Customize LinkedIn URL using name

This really is among the most significant aspects that people need certainly to worry about whenever setting up LinkedIn accounts. Don’t make use of simple default LinkedIn URL only. Use personalized URL with your title inside it in order to allow it to be additional search engine friendly. You can make use of this customized URL added in email signatures, printed on your business cards or on letterhead. You can contemplate utilizing profession or several associated keywords additionally with this title. It’s simple to use profession if that may be created in one word. Each one of these actions might assist people to bring your LinkedIn at the very top of the search engine results. If your name is just a typical one, then you should reserve your name on LinkedIn.

When your sales representative or someone calls your customer or prospects, tell them to spend some minutes on that particular person’s LinkedIn page to know about the area of subjects they’re interested in talking generally apart from your core business topics. It’ll help you to prepare well for further conversation with that prospect.

Customize LinkedIn URL using name

2. Never add too many connections at a time

If you want to get popular on LinkedIn, you definitely need lots of new connections on LinkedIn but remember not to overdo it. Don’t get connected with or add too many people at once. This way will never assist you on LinkedIn, instead, it will definitely affect you badly as it may lead to rules violation of LinkedIn. For the first time you make a mistake, LinkedIn will warn you, but if continue doing it even after the warning, your account will be automatically blocked by them.

You can categorize Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr account as a part of a big social media network meant for communicating, fun, growing business, etc. But LinkedIn is a completely different platform meant especially for professional networking. Remember this main difference in our mind before using LinkedIn social media for your business.

3. Customize the invitation request message

To obtain efficient and excellent prospects, you have to develop a bigger network of contacts on LinkedIn. You have to allow it to be like an everyday program to check out with people whom you meet and interact with during your business conferences and invite them for connecting around with you on LinkedIn. It’s good to send customized invites, instead of using the default LinkedIn message.

Many people just click on connect tabs and make use of the default request message as it’s without producing any change inside it. That’s the biggest blunder that people might do on the professional network like LinkedIn. Don’t actually use default connection message since these practices might depict people about you like a lazy professional who not need to invest some time to make it customized and attractive towards the person who you’re attempting to connect with. This can make a damaging effect, particularly when you don’t understand much about that individual.

Customize the invitation request message

It’s worth investing a couple of minutes in customizing the invite and allowing it to be additional attractive for individuals whom you want to connect. If you already that individual previously or if you’re in contact with that individual through any campaign or association, then tell them to know about it to get approved nicely. To create additional contacts on LinkedIn, link your contact databases with your LinkedIn account and invite your buddies, co-workers, leads, and clients for connecting.

4. Make use three free back-links on LinkedIn

These would be the areas provided on LinkedIn account page to include web links. Each LinkedIn accounts offers areas for including links for organization site, blog, and Facebook URL. There you can include links at suitable places. What’s promising is the fact that LinkedIn foliage its links available for indexing by Google and by that method you get an ability to improve search ranking to your particular site on Google and other leading search engines.

5. Upload a professional photo

Create an expert photo for your LinkedIn account. Invest some hard-earned money in having it developed by an expert photographer. This photo should present that you look straight at the camera and you can actually make an eye connection with a person who is going to see your photo. Do not make use of pictures with your family, friends or anything else. Your photo should look completely professional. Also. do not use default general image as shown on LinkedIn. Have a photo professionally clicked and you can utilize the identical image on the LinkedIn page, your site, Twitter accounts along with other professional marketing sites too.

It is suggested to add your non-work related experience like social service, volunteer encounter etc furthermore on your LinkedIn profile. Mention about your performed activities in local marketing/ networking group or organization because all such info can assist you to connect with people inside the network.

 Upload a professional photo

It’s recommended if you could add an impressive subject title that quickly describes how your firm might be able to assist clients and solving out their troubles. You can include up to 120 characters to show about your organization within this subject title, so it is recommended to make utilization of this option. If needed, add some suitable keywords in your headline as that will support people to get better results in your inbound advertising efforts. In the conclusion section, you can include a more detailed information about the title you added.

It’s highly suggested to take guidelines from your associates and satisfied clients. You can effortlessly utilize these guidelines to convince your leads that how you may aid them in resolving their issue in a better than others. LinkedIn owns an amazing system where you can recommend people depending on your encounter. When you suggest somebody on LinkedIn, they’ll be asked whether they wish to recommend you. In most cases, persons reciprocate to your suggestion and so they will recommend you as well. When you do have number of recommendations on your LinkedIn page, your prospect could be much more comfortable about your assistance and ability.

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