LinkedIn is a decisive social networking site for marketer which gives them unlimited opportunities to them. But , while targeting more than 450 millions of LinkedIn users generally marketers commit some silly mistakes which can ruin their business. LinkedIn is a unique social media platform as it is specifically meant for the business professional.

Apart from the promotion of a particular product, a marketer can share business ideas, get an investor, collaborate with partners to expand business and so on. To avail all the profitable features of LinkedIn marketer have to optimize their account and take care of few points to avoid mistakes. In this blog, I will discuss those common mistakes and how can it be avoided. Once a marketer or professional figure out their mistake, it becomes easier for them to rectify and enhance LinkedIn  marketing strategies.

1st Mistake:  Not Optimizing Profile:

Most of the Proffesional don’t optimize their LinkedIn profiles, as a result, they can’t reach the right customer or entrepreneurs. As LinkedIn is the different platform is different from Facebook and Instagram, so marketer should upload a decent or product relevant image. If you have a logo for your product using that makes a marketer page look more professional. Moreover, a marketer can customize their profile URL by ending it with a brand name to get more discovery by audiences.

2nd Mistake: Ignoring Groups and Connections:

build your LinkedIn groups and connection

The most important step for the marketer is to grow their connection list. A marketer should find those users on LinkedIn who can help them to grow their business. Similarly, using LinkedIn group in business are also avoided by a marketer. But, from groups, you can easily target the right audiences for business. As marketers don’t have much time to find groups which could be beneficial for them hence, they can automate LinkedIn account with LinkedDominator. This is an automation software specially designed to manage LinkedIn marketing accounts. It offers multiple modules, among all features the most effective module is managing groups. 

3rd Mistake: Not Emphasizing on SEO Activities:

LinkedIn marketers are not much aware of even LinkedIn account can help marketers to improve their search engine ranks. Do you know every month more than 50 million LinkedIn users visits SlideShare? As this is a different feature where a marketer can share content with little visual impact hence, it attracts more audiences.

Emphasize on SEO Activities

It’s can be beneficial to marketers as this SlideShare can drive more than 80% of traffic to the business site. By using this feature a marketer can create presentation or webinars and even share videos on the LinkedIn profile. Thus this is the easiest way to enhance visibility on search engines and strengthen social presence without following much SEO strategies.

4th Mistake: Earn Endorsement:

When an entrepreneur is maintaining a profile in LinkedIn their main aim is to a product, get more invested or get a business partner. For this, an entrepreneur has to get more endorsements on skills because this makes one’s profile look perfect and drag attention of marketer’s profile visitors.

5th Mistake: Not Promoting Products via Content:

The wisest way to promote a product is to do it with content. But, maximum marketers promote their product directly on LinkedIn which audience ignores. So, I would suggest whenever a marketer is trying to promote their product they should do it indirectly like, creating SlideShare’s or with a quality content.

Promoting Products via Content

If a marketer is writing blogs to promote their products, then they can share it on LinkedIn which can drive huge traffic to their website. It also gives an idea to audiences about your product and how can it be beneficial for them.

Final Words:

In this blog, I pointed out five common mistakes which generally LinkedIn marketers commits. Though these mistakes don’t feel like blunder but it can affect marketers strategies and risk the entire business. By utilizing this LinkedIn features a marketer can make their LinkedIn page more popular, drive more traffic and expand business with more profit. To know more about LinkedIn marketing tips you can follow latest blogs.

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