Do you use LinkedIn only for job searching purpose?

Well, yes this is the best platform for the job seekers to identify potential job opportunities but also a place for brands and companies to get engaged.

Building a strong connection with LinkedIn users and showing a presence of yourself is as essential as your ATM card is for cash withdraw. Creating relationship with other professional, engaging conversations with a prospect, customers, and even job seekers, all are essential to leverage your LinkedIn business.

LinkedIn company pages are not just for branding and grabbing more viewers but also a hub where professionals can interact and increase their knowledge with your company and brand. LinkedIn has given an amazing opportunity to brands since it given them new audiences to reach with their content via their company pages on LinkedIn.




Now, it’s time for the company to show their brand’s image well on LinkedIn. There are some of the businesses that are capitalizing on the opportunity and rocking it and both B2B and B2C companies are getting most reach of their business page on LinkedIn.

Some of the top businesses are discussed here with their LinkedIn Company pages.

1: The Coca-Cola Company

Who is not aware of the world’s largest beverage company “Coca-Cola”? The company page regularly highlights content from Coca-Cola journey.  Recently a news has might catch attention that two renowned chefs had teamed up to open a community kitchen in Rio that will serve free and that too chef-prepared meals daily to the city’s homeless.




“LinkedIn is a huge traffic driver for us“, that’s a statement of leading businessmen. And I am sure to see more consumer focused through the LinkedIn page and business innovation here.

2: Mashable

It is one of the top leading company with sources like news, information and resources for the connected generation. This page has made a LinkedIn’s list of the Best Company LinkedIn Page of the year 2013. Mashable has tons of potential customer to share but on LinkedIn. It only focuses on business and productivity and targets to success at business without becoming workaholic.

On their main website, they stick to business-related-topics when posting updates on LinkedIn to appeal to more professional audiences who spent a lot of time here.




3: AppleOne Employment Services

In 1964, a full-service employment company has introduced people with the latest technology and that company is “AppleOne”. This employment agency could have simply pushed the message of job openings on LinkedIn but rather than this they always share awesome advice to job seekers both from their blog and other outlets.     




4: L’Oreal Cosmetics

“The world leader in beauty”, companies the first line after you enter its company page. LinkedIn showcase pages have made easy to segment content to limelight a specific business brand or product for a business that has multiple entities under one name. By creating different showcase pages, L’Oreal can successively engage and share relevant content with each of their target customers.




5: IBM

This information technology and service company have topped the LinkedIn ranking with millions interaction back in last few years. This technology has also introduced its visitor with a nice mix of stories from around the web and with a furthermore content hub.




Their attempt to make the LinkedIn page more productive is by using hashtags and other online assets.


The main motive of the post is to make you aware of the top leading products through their LinkedIn company page. These above-mentioned products can let you be a successful marketer through LinkedIn. First of all, see their LinkedIn page once and create your own by following some of the tactics they follow. You can take help of LinkedIn automation tool like “LinkedDominator” to manage your LinkedIn business.

Hope this post has introduced with many unique ideas. Your suggestion and comments are highly beneficial to motivate us writing more blogs.


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