Professional Networking on LinkedIn can open many new doors for your business. Connecting with the right type of people, joining selected groups, requesting to open discussions with like-minded people, and showcasing your testimonials and writing testimonials for others can all help open these new doors.

LinkedIn is undoubtedly an influential tool for generating business relations and it is vital to understand that it is a powerful tool for all business professional irrespective of their age.

LinkedIn having more than 347 million users is the most popular and leading social networking platform for professionals as well as one of the top social networks overall. But are you aware of using LinkedIn to its fullest potential?

As this social networks budding up constantly, LinkedIn is such a social networking platform that often gets underutilized or placed on the back burner. But the fact is, LinkedIn can be highly powerful if used correctly – particularly when you know about the hidden features of the platforms that don’t get the real enough exposure as they should. So to assist you master LinkedIn and make the most out of it, here’s a compilation of top 4 LinkedIn tips-

#1: Don’t over connect

Don’t over connect

When it comes to connecting with people, don’t compare LinkedIn to Facebook or Twitter – concentrate on quality rather than quantity.

Focus your efforts on establishing professional connections with people who can inspire you and your business to achieve more, or ones with whom you can have a mutually beneficial working relationship.

Other professional connections or potential customers will be more interested in who you interact with rather than how many, and will want to see that you move in the circles you say you do.

#2: Choose groups carefully

Industry news and interesting articles from peers in your business area are two great reasons to join groups on LinkedIn, and these are the types of groups that clients and associates will expect to see you in.

It’s also a good idea to be an active voice in these groups as this can show you understand current markets and always have one eye on potential future changes. If you develop a unique and insightful voice – you will also often be seen as an expert in your field by peers and potential clients.

Whatever you do, don’t join groups that reflect your out-of-work persona just in case this causes offense to some of your clientele, potential future clients, employees or associates.

#3: Don’t hesitate to make requests

Don’t hesitate to make requests

Many business people keep a LinkedIn account and are keen to receive genuine requests from people who think they can form beneficial business relationships – so don’t be worried about contacting people.

Keep your messages clear and concise, but never harass someone who doesn’t reply.

#4: Testimonials and endorsements

LinkedIn is a perfect place to showcase your talents and demonstrate that the services/products you provide are valued by your clients.

Most valued clients will be happy to provide a testimonial for you, and you can always return the favor if it is appropriate to do so. Providing testimonials for other people also demonstrates your understanding and appreciation of developing professional relationships.

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