LinkedIn is one of the best social network sites for the professionals and Business professionals. LinkedIn gives you a platform to connect with others source leads, find jobs, and another network online.

Most of the businesses get benefit having a presence on LinkedIn. In fact, More than 4 million company having their LinkedIn page. This data shows how LinkedIn help business to find right path of success.

As like any social network, only having a business page is not enough. You have to keep yourself updated with latest updates. Show that you can make a change in your marketing strategy. And take the benefit of new updates.

In this article, I will discuss 4 crucial features which LinkedIn have updated to get better marketing experience on LinkedIn.

Updated Job Posting

This one of the important update by LinkedIn for the person who is finding a job on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has created a streamlined way for you to find your “in” Where you can see a position you are interested in. This helps you to you to connect with people who are working in the same job role in the company in which you want to work. Through this, you can immediately reach out. And if your account having premium subscribers, you get even more goodies like inside look at some of the hiring trends.


Great Emphasis on Skills

According to the LinkedIn expert, these features help many recruiters have the brand new option of searching candidates on their skills . Which they have mentioned in their LinkedIn skills. With the inclusion of this new features for recruiters help to find the person who is searching for the job easily. So you have not go around it yet, now would be the time to fill that section.


New Group Features for the Professionals

LinkedIn makes a change in several group features. Because the group is one of the important section of different social media platforms. For a true professional’s group will always be the most trustworthy place for you to gather with like-minded professionals. The new group update experience gives the better experience to understand and navigate for all members.

Some of the changes that LinkedIn made in Group are standard and unlisted Groups. According to this change, the Unlisted group will be not shown in the search result only the members and admin can invite members to the group. Standard groups will be shown in the search results and any members can invite any of the 1st-degree connection to join.

According to LinkedIn, all groups are now private groups because LinkedIn research says that, professional conversation are most effective in a private trusted space. They also added a content filtering option, removal of promotion Tab, Removal of subgroup and your post can be customized with image and direct mentions of other group members.


Different Messaging System

LinkedIn introduces a chat-style interface to allow for easy and forth messaging. This helps you make more casual conversation. Rather than writing an Email. This messaging system helps you to get a faster reply then the email.



LinkedIn is only the social network which connects professionals to professionals. And this above chance on LinkedIn gives new power to professionals to find right people or business for their benefit. Job seekers using this updates can find a job according to their need through LinkedIn.

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