What do you like the most about LinkedIn? Well, I like the LinkedIn network most.

When it comes to choosing the option among different social media marketing, we have different options like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest and the list goes longer and longer but when we have to choose a professional website we opt LinkedIn without thinking anything. Undoubtedly LinkedIn provides us a better option for businesses and with an opportunity to connect with other professionals, also to engage with them on a personal level.


It feels grateful when users look for job opportunities and other career options on LinkedIn. They look for getting solution related to their career rather finding a product for their personal lives, such as T.V, computer, and others.

Here, the larger your network would be, the more potential you will get to engage with someone in your network who can become your customer. You have to be updated with the latest strategies. Here are some of the LinkedIn strategies given for you.

#1: Keep Updating your Status Consistently and Frequently

To be professional needs many things such as your attitude, concern, updates about business. According to a recent research, only one-third of LinkedIn members visit the website every day and rest one-third of members visit the network several times in a week. You can see the name of few people frequent in your home feed after logging into LinkedIn.


The more you will be active on your LinkedIn account, the more visibility you will get and much engagement you will gain.

#2: Create Connections Constantly

The most important thing to do with LinkedIn is to focus on growing and engaging LinkedIn network fast. It is the place where you can build your network to improve your business connection. This platform is all about to give connection opportunities.


Firstly, target those customers by whom you can get much profit and engagement as well. It depends on your type of business that which kind of customer you would prefer first to connect and communicate.

#3: Be Strategic and accordingly Plan to be Active on LinkedIn

Generally, people use to make business plan randomly. I suggest to observe your competitor and then try to be active with other LinkedIn members. Focus on your participation activities during that time when other people are being active on LinkedIn.

Just mix up your strategy with the plan and then record the results. Notice over how many new connections you gained and how many engagement opportunities you have created during those days.

#4: Join and Actively Participate in LinkedIn Groups

You might have heard before, LinkedIn groups are one of the most active area of the network where you can grow the network. Simply, join a group on this social site and learn to start a new conversation over your chosen topic.


If you are dreaming of getting success then be careful not to get attached to so many LinkedIn groups but with those who are related to your business. LinkedIn has made your work easier to find groups within the network that might be valuable.

Wrapping words

I hope you guys have found sufficient knowledge regarding LinkedIn networks and engaging your customer. As the network is upgrading with so many features day by day, so you can refresh your LinkedIn network and engagement strategies to leverage all of your requirement.

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