LinkedDominator, or in other words is also know as the LinkedIn Marketing Tool as well. It is a one way tool for every entrepreneur who’s looking for a high jump in the world of business. There are over 300 million users of LinkedIn from around the world and out of that there are a handful who are using LinkedIn for the promotion of their business. The best part of this software is that it can be also used to send your message to the most distant clients, employees and journalists on LinkedIn as well with the help of LinkedDominator.

With the help of LinkedDominator, many entrepreneurs and small businesses have managed to dodge each and every obstacle of marketing in LinkedIn. LinkedDominator offers a very good opportunity for every entrepreneur and even allows them to associate with people of their particular interests with the help of various filters by giving accurate information about your business.

The linkedin has the state-of-the art features in them which is very useful for every entrepreneur who wants to start their business through LinkedIn

  1. Account Module:

    This module does the job of adding and deleting multiple accounts from LinkedIn and checks the status of theirs as well.
    add and delete check status of accounts

  2. Connection Module:

    This module does the job of adding new connections with the help of their email addresses and also withdraw the pending invitations in the LinkedIn profile, it also exports the first connection for profile endorsements.
    exporting connections withdraw pending connections invite different users

  3. Group Module:

    This module does the job of adding and deleting new connections to your group and post new updates about it, it even does the job of deleting the pending requests as well.
    post new updates invite membersremove the group

  4. Message Module:

    This module sends messages either to single user or multiple users. The messages are sent to the receiver with the help of tags or without tags.
    multiple or direct messages compose messages

  5. Scraper Module:

    It does the job of scraping data of various employees, jobs and group members for LinkedIn
    LinkedIn Scraper Company Employee detailed info of the job scrape group members

  6. Profiling Module:

    This module does the job of broadcasting advertisements of the first connection by uploading the user id and the profile in a specified format in LinkedIn.
    endorsing profiles



These are the features of LinkedDominator which i have said right now. If you have any doubts or queries please reply in the comment section down below and please download our software from the Dominator House Site. See Ya!!

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